Guidelines for the latest MBA job

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If you are about to finish your MBA program, you may have already been told about the final work and you have months preparing everything to be perfect, it may be a practice, but you must also submit the project in writing that is composed of different explanations, theories, reasoning, ideas and insights on a specific topic that is chosen between your teacher or tutor and yourself.

Therefore, we will talk about the different guidelines that will be evaluated in this written work and how you should focus your project, depending on your vision.

Guidelines for the latest MBA job

1-. Choose the format

  • Journal article: In this case you should prepare a scientific article, which may deal with some empirical or theoretical problem, as well as a synthesis work in order to maintain the attachment to the extension of this type of projects.
  • Essay: With this proposal you can reflect deeply and in detail on a specific theoretical topic.
  • Research report: This is the most classic format that requires establishing a theoretical framework, objectives and the purpose of such research.
  • Product proposal: In this case we elaborate a product, technology, system or instrument, which is accompanied by a detailed explanation.

2-. The topic

When we define what format we will use, we can choose the theme, this is very important. For a long time you will be thinking about this, we recommend that you choose a topic that you can connect with and that motivates you to investigate much more in it.

3-. Workplan

Once you have chosen a topic, it is important that you clearly define the objectives, state them clearly and contract so that the evaluation of the same is much simpler.

4-. Drafting

Once you have all the above, you will have to dedicate some time to the writing, this will be what will take the message and the idea you have to the tutor and that way the conclusion of the project is excellent.

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