Learn about the most searched MBA profiles

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Every day people with MBA degrees or who want to have one become more and more popular, but the demand for this type of qualifications makes us much more extreme competition to find the best jobs. Therefore, we want to tell you about the MBA profiles that companies are most looking for today.

Learn all about the most searched MBA profiles companies want

The demand of the graduates in Engineering, Sciences, Technology and Mathematics, are and will be in the next years the most sought after by the world companies. The infrastructure, the energy sector and the industry are the three most important fields of any country, in which many investments are seen.

In this way, the need to develop a much more diversified and competitive industrial base, which can also guarantee the creation of well-remunerated employment and the well-being of export products, is one of the most important pillars for what will be the new decade of growth.

This will generate the need for new profiles of managers who can combine the knowledge of an MBA with engineering knowledge to make excellent business and economic management.

For this reason, more and more professionals choose to specialize in these areas, even when their undergraduate degree was not specialized in this area. Traditionally, engineering students won’t study an MBA, because it was not their field of study, but now, when these programs talk to us about the development of our knowledge, competencies and management skills that are focused on a more specific economic sector, they need people who can combine both knowledge creating in this way the most important profile for each of the companies.

So you know, if you are an engineer and you think that an MBA is not what you need, take the opportunity to grow together with the market to position yourself in a good job.

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