Myths of the process of admission in an online MBA

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Many people when they think about enrolling in an online MBA, think that it is much easier than regular MBAs or think about how tedious it is to comply with everything they ask for. But we want you to have all this clear, that’s why we have made a list of the most common myths of the process of admission of an online MBA.

Myths of the process of admission in an online MBA

1-. The GMAT is the most important thing

You must be clear that there is no a more important requirement than another for the admission in an MBA program. The results of the GMAT test have their importance, but these are not more or less important than the other requirements.

2-. Meet the school

It is important that in the selection process of the school you know its characteristics well and that these are adapted to your needs. However, it is not absolutely necessary that you know the school personally, much less if the program is online.

3-. They won’t admit you in round 3

As you should know, the process of admission for an online MBA program consists of three tests. The places will go cutting off from the first round. The second test is the most prolific in terms of candidacies, but this doesn’t mean you won’t enter the third round.

4-. You must have a minimum grade in the race, in the GMAT and have at least 5 years of experience

Keep in mind that there is no minimum to enter in an online MBA program, the same can be said of the GMAT. Some programs establish a minimum, but this doesn’t mean you can not enter or that this master is not the right one for you.

5-. When you send the application first, the petition will arrive before the interview

Keep in mind that this is not the case, the interviews last a few weeks and admissions will be reviewed during that time. This is a completely random process.

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