Scholarships for an MBA in the United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom is one of the most prestigious countries to do an MBA, however, as you should know these are not economic courses, either in the UK or anywhere in the world. Therefore, we want to tell you about the scholarships and universities that offer them in this destination.

3 Scholarships for an MBA in the United Kingdom

1-. University of Stirling

This is a university that offers new scholarships constantly to international students or who come from any other country in Europe. Each scholarship offered has a value of 6,000 pounds, approximately 7,000 euros, these will be destined to the formation of MBA of each applicant.

However, to obtain them you must have a brilliant academic record and a minimum score of 6 points in the IELTS, which is an English certification.

2-. Imperial College

This is a university that is located in London and has more than 100 years of history, its scholarship receives the name of Brilliant Minds and is especially aimed at international students wishing to take the MBA in this university.

The main objective of these scholarships is to provide financial support to students with an academic level and an exceptional intellect, as well as having stood out for their potential in the undergraduate program.

All applicants will receive financial aid of 23,500 pounds, approximately 27,400 euros, which will go to an MBA course available to the university. For the application, the student must have an outstanding academic record, as well as have a high score on the GMAT exam, as well as a prominent professional CV.

3-. York Management School

York is a specialized business school that generally offers good scholarships for students who wish to do an MBA. Each of the scholarships will have an economic value of 5,000 pounds, approximately 5,835 euros, they also offer travel grants that amount to 1,500 pounds.

To apply you must have a letter of admission, will be assessed to candidates who have the academic record that stands out, as well as an outstanding career.

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