Start a new job after an MBA

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When you start a new job, it is the perfect time for us to be more optimistic people, to have a more proactive attitude and to be able to enjoy opportunities for professional growth, as well as personal growth.

In addition, when we finish our preparation in the MBA we have higher expectations, we are more excited and even a little disoriented, because it is the first time that we are going to incur the business world with our master’s degree. We have to prepare ourselves for our work, but not only to arrive with an appropriate attire, to go with the ideal attitude or to arrive early, we must also consider other aspects.

Start a new job after an MBA – Tips

1-. Willingness to learn

While it is true that you have an MBA and that you are academically prepared for the job, it is also important that you take the time to listen and understand the culture and rules of the company where you will be working.

2-. Build your network

It is important that you begin to relate to your co-workers and be attentive to those who can help you learn everything much faster. In addition, this will help you in the future to know who they are and with whom to count.

3-. Expectations

It is very important that you demonstrate your preparation with your MBA, so you must establish and understand what will be the main objectives for the first weeks in the company. It is important that you know the particularities of the company, such as communication, schedules and responsibilities of each person.

4-. Organization and good habits

You must take the time to organize your workplace, so that you can be much more productive from the beginning. You should start from scratch and this is never easy, lean on your co-workers to achieve it without much trouble. It is also important that you know how to respect your personal and restful times.

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