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MBA is the acronym that corresponds to the Master Business Administration, these are postgraduate courses that are mainly aimed at people who want to develop their career in the business world. These were created for the first time in the United States, but for some years we can find excellent programs in Europe and different countries of the world. Every day there are more people who do these courses.

So today, we wanted to answer some questions so that you leave doubts and you venture to study one of these programs, which not only give you the opportunity to increase your knowledge, but will help you get better jobs.

4 Types of MBA

There are many types of MBA, each one will depend on your requirements and the characteristics that you look for in the program.

1-. Executive: This type of MBA is designed for executives who seek to improve the training they have in business, but without leaving their current jobs. To study it, you must have a university degree and 2 to 5 years of experience in management positions.

2-. International: This type of MBA is designed for people who seek to train and do internships in other countries.

3-. Full or part time: Each one of the students will be able to choose which the teaching load they want or can assume is.

4-. Online: One of the most chosen formats of recent years, we can study the program from the comfort of our home.


  • Have a university degree.
  • Present a good academic record.
  • Accredit professional experience.
  • Present the TOEFL results.
  • Deliver an updated curriculum.
  • Submit two or three letters of recommendation.
  • A letter of motivation.

What are the most outstanding programs worldwide?

  • Iese Business School (Spain)
  • London Business School (United Kingdom)
  • IMD – International Institute for Management Development (Switzerland)
  • Duke Corporate Education (USA)
  • Harvard Business School (USA)
  • HEC Paris (France)
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Antai (China)
  • SDA Bocconi School of Management (Italy)
  • Insead (France)
  • Center for Creative Leadership (USA)
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